Welcome to the Harbour View Gift Shop website!

Our business has grown from a glass cabinet hanging on the wall in the Upland Goose Hotel (a little over thirty years ago), selling souvenir china and postcards, to literally thousands of products featuring penguins in every shape and form.  We never tire of the search for something new, and pride ourselves in having the best selection of penguin paraphernalia in the Falklands.

We could not possibly feature every item on this site, but we have picked out a selection and we hope you will enjoy browsing.

Placing Orders

Unfortunately we are not able to process orders on line, so we ask that you make a note of the things you are interested in and email us.  To help us differentiate between supplier emails, and mail order enquiries, we ask that you insert Mail Order from the United Kingdom in the subject line (for example).  Our contact details are on the Contact Us section of the website.

Because of our location and the fact that almost all of our products are imported and are shipped to us by sea, we do run out of certain things (no matter how hard we try to keep on top of our ordering).  If you are interested in a certain garment, then the best thing is to email us and tell us what size you would like and we can check availability in size and colours and get back to you.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then please ask us.  We might be in the process of ordering it, or perhaps have it, but it might not be featured on the site, or it might encourage us to try and source yet another penguin product!


We send our mail orders by Small Packet Air Mail and the same postage rates apply for all over the World.  To give you some idea of postage costs, one T-shirt costs approximately £5.50 to post, while if you add another it will cost approximately £8.50.  A Polo shirt which weighs more would probably start at approximately £6.00 to post – but as with T-shirts it really depends on whether it is a size Small or a 3XL!


When it comes to paying for your order, there are various ways of making payment.  If you have a United Kingdom bank account we can accept payment directly to our HSBC account, alternatively we can process payments by Visa or MasterCard.  For security reasons we always ask for this information to be faxed to us, sent in several emails, or perhaps by telephone.  Unfortunately we cannot accept payment by Pay Pal as for some reason, due to our location we can make payments, but not receive them!

During the cruise ship season (October to March) we spend quite a lot of our time out of the office, working in the Harbour View, so we might not respond as quickly as you might like.  For this we apologise in advance, but just like some other businesses in the Falklands (which are based on seasonal trade), on a cruise ship day it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK!.

We look forward to hearing from you.